Monday, October 29, 2012

Toilet training....Second time round

Last Wednesday Charlotte decided she wanted to start going to the toilet. She keeps taking off her nappy, which horrified me when it was full of a nasty surprise!! That's when I knew it was time. She is 3yrs old next May, so as happy as I was that she was showing some signs of independence, I thought mmmmmmm not sure. I went with it regardless.

Wednesday was a very wet first half day, as the day progressed she was in a bit of a potty rhythm.

Thursday she had playgroup & luckily the lovely carers there were more than happy to continue on with her toilet training. She did well apparently, with just the one accident as she didn't quite get there on time.

Friday was scary. I had kinder drop off for Hudson, & Charlotte has her little ballet dance class. She used the kinder toilets... Hooray!! We dropped into home for a moment, only to have one....BAD accident, I mean bad one, including a whole change of clothes. We were late to dancing due to this, & half way through class, whoopsie tinkle on the dance floor. Luckily I took an old towel just in case. Afterwards we had a coffee with a friend....whoopsie flood on the floor. It was now killing me!!!!!! I was down to two more change of underwear & leggings. She went at kinder pick up & seemed fine for the rest of the day.

The weekend has been great. Staying home as much as possible, and two parent here equals double attention. The fact her dad when & bought her some Barbie & Dora knickers has certainly helped.

I am finding it so much harder toilet training second time around. I am not sure why, it just seems so much harder. Hudson was good, when he decided to be rid the nappy he was done in a couple of days. Even though he was bribed with M&M's. I have spoken to a few other mums about this second time around toilet training, and surprisingly they have all said they noticed it to. Do you think it might be me not Charlotte? I mean lets face it she isn't getting the same clock work attention Hudson received while toilet training. I am busy, & having another child, means sometimes I forget to ask if she needs to go as frequently as I should. Someone said she is too young? I kind of disagree as my nephews were completely trained by about 2yrs. Maybe I am just putting too much pressure on myself? I guess it's only been 5 days. She is doing really well & it's definitely getting the whole thing, maybe it's my impatience for getting this job done & dusted? I am just note sure.

Today is a new week. I will just keep loading her back pack with clean underwear and leggings, and we just go again. I refuse to give in as I believe that would just confuse her putting a nappy back on due to my impatience, giving mixed signals. We're on our way, just not sure when we'll get there completely.

What was your second time round like?

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