Monday, October 22, 2012

My love for pattern repeats

Did you know that I am completely a self taught artist? No graphic design training, just an education in fashion design. Digital illustration has been a passion that I have had since I saw a graphic design drawing on a computer, back in the late 1990's, in one of my first assistant jobs. Since then I have been obsessed with.

My love for pattern repeats has also been something that I have truly enjoyed & haven't dabbled much in it since I left the fashion industry. Designing kids & women's wear, it was part of my job to design repeat prints so I could have fabrics made exactly how I wanted them. I loved doing them as it was the fondation of a whole fashion story. The print, the tee shirt design, or a border a print, an embroidery detail, even a second colour way. All were derived from the initial print.

During this time I have started to build an inspiration folder in pinterest, which is growing believe me. here are a couple of favourites to date.

I have also started to play around with my own again which can be quite addictive & I look forward to sharing some with you.It's jumping back on a bike again really, I have been a bit rusty achieving that perfectly seamless repeat, but it hasn't taken long.

Have a great Monday,

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Katia Donohoe said...

I love those prints, especially the second one! I can see why they can be addictive to make:) I wish I could do some computer design, even a little. Maybe I should put it on my wish list for the next year. I admire self-taught artists, it takes some talent and determination to learn a new skill. Well done!