Thursday, October 25, 2012

Garden Party Pattern Repeat

I have gone a bit off track the last day or so design wise. Not in a ridiculous way, or completely off aesthetic, but just a detour of ceoncentration. After my last post of expressing past love for pattern repeat design, I thought I would have a play around, & I just can't stop!!!

Shhhhhhh, I should be doing other jobs, but I just couldn't help myself. Sometimes I believe when passion & inspiration hits, you just have to go with it. You never know how, or what you will end up with.

While initially sitting around thinking what should I design, I thought I would keep it simple, & work with the hundreds of designs I already have sitting on my computer.  Dreaming about a whole collection of perfectly coordinated fabrics, I started to dabble with this. Ahhh to see my designs on bolts of fabrics would be a dream come true!

This collection is called "Garden Party". I have just created 1 colour way to start with to see how I would go. Truly it was like riding a bike, I just go back on & started peddling slowly. After a bit of fiddling, I got my groove back quickly & came up with the following 7 designs for this collection.

Oooooh how I could see a quilt made with this!

Or some bed linen!

How about some summer floral skirts for Charlotte?

A couple of softies maybe?

Here is my inspiration, where it all came from. my own Garden Party range that I have within my shop right now.

 This was so much fun my head was pinning & will keep making more :)


Jane from Lil Pip said...

Oh Kylie - it is beautiful. I would love to create from your fabrics. Maybe you should put them on Spoonflower and watch the world explode with love for your designs!! Congratulations!

Naturally Carol said...

I hope you do end up producing your designs..a great range to complement the cushions and bunting you already make.