Monday, May 31, 2010

Sleep all day...Up all night...

I am still around, maybe not posting new items yet, regularly blogging and working around
life like I usually do, but I am still here.
Little Miss Charlotte is going well, but has become baby vampire like!!
Yep, sleep all day, awake at night. I had these same problems with Hudson and got through it ......Just!! I was seriously hoping Charlotte would be the perfect sleeper as a lot of friends, other mums generally say when one is challenging, the other is great.
So the challenge is on to attempt to switch this around, before it takes hold.
It's impossible to keep a newborn baby awake so they will sleep better at night.
Besides that I just couldn't even think of doing such a thing.
I have started a bit of awake time stimulation popping her on the rocker with all the dangling toys. Sometimes she's interested, most of the time she sleeps right through it.
Also this time I can't nap during the day as Hudson doesn't have a daytime sleep anymore. So the risk of me catching some ZZZZ's, with an overly loving and doting big brother who loves to get very close, can be a tad risky.
Any tips fellow mothers?

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Squirt Baby said...

Congratulations! Ooh, it's tricky asking for advice! Don't be hard on yourself. Early days, lots of adjustment (for both Charlotte and everyone else!). When desperate for a sleep while the baby was in bed, I would set up the older child with the telly and an activity (something they really loved). Then I'd lie on the couch, set an alarm for 15-20 minutes and have a nana-nap. It was usually a very light sleep where I was still aware of sounds and movement, but a restful pick me-up. Whatever you try, you need to be comfortable with it. Good luck!