Sunday, May 2, 2010

New Stands For My Next Market

I started some new stands for my markets stalls a couple of months ago.
They look fine, but I wasn't 100% happy so I have started from scratch again.
This time I am extremely happy with them.
I got hubby to work with a few sketches I came up with, some printed inspiration I
found online, and here is the result.
It's half finished and still needs a bit more paint, but still worthy of a sneak peak.

Everything will be ready by Saturday, full of stock, in anticipation for the launch of


lyptis said...

Wow, love the painting part!

They turned out great, lovely colour!

Red Letter Studio said...

they look great! I am in desperate need of a visual merch update for my market stall too... thanks for the inspiration and helping me get my butt into gear!!

~ Samone

Beky said...

The look ace. Looking forward to seeing the new stands on Saturday.
Good luck!