Thursday, January 28, 2010

WOW 5 Etsy Orders Overnight

Wow I logged on the computer today to have 5 Etsy orders overnight.
Maybe for some of you this is the norm, certainly not for me. It's either all or nothing whether it be Etsy, markets, or my other website. Since feeling much better after my horrendous morning sickness I have had to climb back up slowly. I missed the Christmas retail season which was a blow not just to my shop, but to me. I have been putting in the hard yards again so maybe it's starting to pick up again. WHO KNOWS????
Well here is what is on its way out...
Pop Design Magnetic Bookmarks

Circus Inspired Dot Bib And Burp Cloth Set

A great day!


Little Eve said...

Well done! I'm about to restock my etsy shop over the next couple of weeks. Hope some of this rubs off on me. Glad the morning sickness has gotten better for you.

jazzalblue said...

5 sales in one go would be exciting to wake up to! I would love to experience that!

DELiciousDesignz said...

Fabulous Kylie. It sure is not the norm for me either, I imagine it would be a wonderful feeling. xo