Monday, January 18, 2010

Nothing Over $5 Ladies Clothing Sale

I need to clear the rest of these women's clothes that I have left over sitting in my spare room.
For those reading for the first time, I used to have my own label & have ceased it now, and need to clear left over stock.
My husband has given me the word "Remove them or he may be tempted to burn them".
AArrrgghh a bit harsh, but certainly necessary.
Everything is made out of knitted jersey, excellent quality & all Australian made.
Nothing is over $5, which I know yes is crucifying, BUT better than still sitting here after May, when my second bubba will be here.
"Adele from deliciousdesignz is by far my favourite & BEST customer she has bought from me at least a half dozen times". I am sure she won't mind confirming this.

Everything available is on my website under the “Ladies Fashion” tab. However if you want to browse beforehand here is the link to look now. .
Please note the link has old prices on it, but it’s a great outfit combination tool.
In the shop within the descriotions, you will also be able to find out what has been sold out.
The collection is great quality & Australian made, I still wear mine & it keeps washing & washing.

If there is anything you would like let me know directly on my contact email, or my mobile is there to.


There is a PayPal option but direct bank deposit is preferred please, as its all going so cheap I'll be honest I would rather avoid PayPal fees.

Please pass this on to you mums, sisters, sister in-laws, cousins, friends, colleagues & anyone else you can think of.

For the last time greatly appreciated,
Ky xo

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DELiciousDesignz said...

Hi Kylie - Oh yeah I love your stuff. It really is the most wash & wear, super comfy gear that I own. I felt sure that I had enough to last me for a while until you had this sale!!! Have been on holidays for a week - hence the late comment :0) xo