Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy 2010!!

I had a great Christmas, it truly was memorable. Here is a family snap shot of the 3 of us, just before heading off to Daniel's families for lunch.
Like all of us I have new dreams and goals for 2010. I am trying to define them into achievable chunks as I type, well that's what the experts say.

I am having baby at end of May, & just loving that terrible morning sickness has past. I never want to experience that again. I have started going for a daily walk again which I have missed terribly, & now just love getting some energy back to doing everything.

I took a short break over the Christmas break, I didn't go away, as we went to Coffs Harbour in October, so it was just nice spending time catching up on some 'homey' things with Daniel. We did the IKEA trip & built us a new wall unit, along with buying other odds and ends I can't resist when walking buy those bargain bins. The wall unit was desperately needed for my rumpas room as Hudson needed his own play area, as toys are larger now, but we also needed some of our belongings up high out of little hands reach.

Otherwise pottering around was great without any time lines was really liberating.

But that's all over now, Daniel is back at work, I am back to getting some new stock made, ideas are starting to slow, and my website needs a tune up majorly.
Today it's back to just Hudson and I, a busy little man with lots of demanding needs, lots of playing, and lots of learning. He has just discovered Thomas the Tank, which he calls 'Toot Toot' so that is a big focus of his.

I think 2010 will be a fab year for everyone, and I truly wish the best for all of you and hope that you too achieve your 2010 goals.

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