Friday, January 29, 2010

True Blood Fan

Yes I have to admit I am a serious, serious, True Blood Fan.
I am waiting in anticipation for season 3 to be aired, it's on for memory channel 403 on Foxtel.
There are websites now with season 3 spoilers, but I just can't bring myself to take a sneak peak.
Some people think I am sick, & ask "How can you watch that crap?".
I guess it's my way of escaping for an hour and enjoying some fantasy.
I am not the only one, 2 friends of mine are also addicted so we all bounce of each
other when we catch up. Really I can't escape it......
If your a fan, one of them just emailed me a link to some fabulous illustrations from
some excerpts of the Sookie books but with the True Blood cast.
In case you didn't know there are 8 True Blood books, obviously from where the series has come from. I have actually just bought them, a Christmas present to myself & have about 15 pages until I finish the 3rd book. I have to say they books are completely different to the show, characters & story lines are sometimes nothing like each other.

So I guess now I get to have double the enjoyment. One thing I will be looking forward to when
True Blood Season 3 kicks off is my eye candy Eric Northman.

One day I will get to reading some grown up deep stuff...

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hannahfaerie said...

I'm hooked too:) Half way through the first book... which was an impulse buy!