Thursday, May 17, 2012

Toasty warm heat bags

Winter is slowly approaching here is Melbourne. I wouldn't say it's here completely just yet, as we are fortunately still being treated to gorgeous sunny days, with a lovely 17-18 degrees. The air is becoming cool,  mostly noticeable first thing in the morning & just as sun sets at night.

When weather is cool like this I start thinking comfort, piping cups of hot tea for breakfast & warm buttery toast and raspberry jam. Mmmmmm....

Two new heat bag designs inspired by warm comforts....tea and toast.

Toasty warm. 

Warm up with a cuppa.

I love heat bags in winter, especially filled with organic dried lavender and rice. They stay so warm for so long. I pop them in my bed before I sleep, they take the chill off the bed and the lavender helps me sleep. I also pop them on feet which are always cold, I really mean it, they are always cold!!!! They are also perfect for aches and pains.

They are created in 2 sizes.
Small which are 19cmx13cm. This is my original size which were especially created for kids. A perfect size for little hands to handle. My kids adore them.
Large which are 27x19cm, twice the size and perfect for adults.

I still offer existing designs from last year, but I am well on my way to making some news one.

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