Thursday, May 10, 2012

My kids Farm party

May is a busy month for me personally. Hudson turns 4 on Saturday 12th, and Charlotte turns 2 on the 21st. Then there is mother's day in between. As they are both my kids are still quite young, I am going to manage to squeeze in the 'joint' birthday party. The theme, 


It's unisex, & what kid doesn't love some fun on the farm?
I am having their party at a kids farm here in Melbourne, where it's small quaint & very hands on. The rotunda has been booked, so has the tour of the farm. All the little kiddies invited will be able to get down & dirty with the farm folk. There will be some chicken feeding, milking of goats, a wander through the vegetable garden, some feeding of cows and sheep, and of course cuddling some guinea pigs.

Normally I am a control freak & love to design & draw all of their decorations. This chance, instead I bought them all on Etsy at Stock Berry Studio, all via a PDF.

Here are my decorations. How awesome are they? Look at what I get, party hats, drink bottle labels, name cards for the table & party bags, flags, a bunting & it just goes on.
Here are the invitations I bought also from the same shop. So super cute!

I am an average cake baker, I would love to be great, I do however love the idea of a bit of cake decoration. I don't even know if I am good at it. I like this cake as it looks somewhat achievable. I won't be using that flat rolled icing, I will most likely colour some butter icing, & use food to create the decorations. I want to make the barn. it looks easy enough?? I am assuming its a square cake cut in the shape??? What a novice I am, am I getting in way over my head? Anyway stay posted for progress on that.

I love these milk bottle ideas, I wont be having milk, instead bottles of water, plastic too. I don't know about you, but I don't like the idea of running excitable kids carrying glass bottles....eeek!!

I love these lovely treats. They look like baked custard & chocolate of course. I wont be attempting either, but I am thinking of making something like it. Great inspiration only, maybe some biscuits & jelly??

I am not sure what these are but they are so damn adorable. They remind me of the snack size cheese you can buy in the waxy paper? 

I am quite excited about the day, there will be a tonne of kids & lots of fun. The only thing at the moment I am concerned about is the unpredictable weather at this time of year. Fingers crossed there is no rain, cold I can cope with, but not rain.

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