Monday, May 14, 2012

My very special weekend.

May is a very busy month for me.
Both my kids birthdays as well as mother's day.

Saturday my baby boy turned 4. I just can't believe it. When I was told to enjoy the moment as it flies, how true that advise was. Hudson is growing into such a kind little boy, definitely not a baby anymore. He is thoughtful, very sensitive, clever, and so warm and affectionate. He is just bliss in my eyes! 

I have had a wonderful weekend, celebrating his milestone as well as mother's day on Sunday.

Here is is extremely happy...Finally a big boy BMX. It's red & has lightning MCQueen on it. Life couldn't have gotten much better here for him.


The big day was celebrated with a number 4 Spiderman birthday cake created by my mum.

 The 4 of us after blowing out the candles.


On Sunday I started a new family tradition.....Mother's Day Classic 2012.
The weather was wet, cold, miserable & rainy. However that didn't stop the absolute thrill of it. It was a gorgeous day filled with spirited people everywhere. Each person with a different story & reason for the walk. A wonderful environment of people coming together for a great cause. 

Daniel and I at the car park, before the 4km journey began.

The kids ready to go.

A couple of minuets before we started out triumphant walk, Charlotte was getting a little impatient & restless waiting. She is a very impatient child so I always need to accommodate her quickly, before the carry on began. I pull her out of the bike for a quick stretch.
BAD MOVE!!!!!BAD MOVE!!!!!!!
This poppet wouldn't get back in the bike, & when she did she screeeeeeamed. So lucky me carried this lightweight...not...for 4kms. It was hell, she is very heavy! Regardless I didn't let it spoil my experience, & just soldiered on. Needless to say my back & arms were burning for some time, & Daniel had the joyous task of pushing the bikes together. I couldn't go to the gym today as I was a little sore from the experience.

Approaching the starting point.

My hero, very happy and proud of himself that he finished. Even happier when he got a medal. He has been wearing it non stop, & even made it part of his kinder uniform today.

Not only did she not walk, but fell asleep too! Life was not so tough for her yesterday!!

I loved the morning so much and I will definitely be back next year! 

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