Friday, August 26, 2011

Sleep deprivation is torture...

I think this has been the longest EVER I haven't blogged for.
Generally I am fairly consistent, but that's gone completely out the door for the last 2 weeks.

Besides being very busy with my work, the kids and life in generally, I have been struggling a bit doing it all. My cause of this, is what I would like to say (as all mothers do) by the most beautiful face in the world.

"Miss Charlotte"

This little bugger doesn't sleep through the night sill!!! She is 15months old.
She wakes in the middle of the night & refuses point blank to go back to sleep unless she sleeps with me, or I nurse her. I don't mind nursing her but it can take forever. Those big blue eyes just won't close. I have tried controlled crying, which went on for 5 hours. When I couldn't take it anymore & took her to bed with me, it then took her an hour to settle her down as she was so worked up. Some nights if I take her to bed she winds her fingers around my hair, like I am a security blanket which ultimately pulls my hair, or she climbs on me. I would be lucky to get 5hrs sleep a night. Three to four is the average. On top of caring for Hudson, running the house, & my business I am exhausted.

On a positive, I am having a sleep specialist, or sleep Dr, baby whisperer, whatever you call one, come here to spend the night with us all tonight!!! I am feeling very nervous & a little apprehensive.

Fingers crossed all goes to plan as I have some huge tasks I want to tackle when I regain some order and balance again in my life.

But first starting with.....

A full nights sleep.

Being able to stay awake long enough to catch up on some very important reading.

I would also like start exercising again, I am generally quite a fit person. Feeling so tired can make you very sluggish.

One step at a time.
I would love to hear from anyone who has hired a sleep specialist & if they had great results.


DELiciousDesignz said...

Hi Kylie. Was just thinking about you this morning. I am still loving my Maybel clothes and they have lasted so well. I am wearing my pants and long sleeve top today and was wishing I could get another black long sleeve as I seem to have lost one (I am sure I had two). Anyway just wanted you to know they are the most comfy and best quality essentials. I hope you get some sleep soon - It is worse than a hangover when you are sleep deprived. I think you do well to blog as much as you do , I blog quite rarely these days but I must say it is quite a relief to not feel as though I have to do all the time. Computers really can be too life consuming. This is the first time I have caught up on blog reading for months -

Vik said...

Just wanted to wish you luck for tonight Kylie. You would think kids would eventually get how to sleep but sometimes it doesn't work like that. I really admire all that you do on such little sleep. Do share any words of wisdom from the baby whisperer. My baby is an ok sleeper, perhaps a little room for improvement though :)