Monday, August 15, 2011

I used to want to be a bridal wear designer (part 2)

Last month I revealed my dream of once being a bridal design.
If you didn't read it you can here.
Here is my other dress that I entered that year at industry competition gown of the year. Looking at it today it definitely had a "Little Bo Peep" look about it.

Ivory & lemon the chosen colour combination.
Again every detail I created, from the pattern, the underskirt, the jewellery, & I hand cut every guipure lace daisy & hand stitched a yellow bead in the middle of each one. There were meters & meters of silk chiffon, & hours of french seaming. It had to look flawless. I even made the parasol.

It is actually quite lovely, looking back at it with a fresh set of eyes so to speak.
(They have been packed away for years).
I am quite proud of myself, & I am happy to admit that.
I do hope no one interprets that as cockiness.

Even though my passion today is children's homewares & my love for illustration, it's something that will stay with me forever. My dad always said the skills I learnt at college were like a trade. Something I will never lose, I may be rusty if I had to draft something, but I will never lose it. You know what I think he is right.

Lately I have had this desire to create patterns. Purely the homewares variety.
What I still don't know. Hopefully I will get around to it?

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Jane from Lil Pip said...

You inspire me - a true designer, rather than people like me who dabble in a little homecrafting.

I would absolutely buy your patterns and would LOVE to see what you could create.

Good luck (finding the time!)
Jane x