Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My Love For Tiffany

I have an obsession....Her name is Tiffany. There is something about her classy, aqua blue personality that makes me smile. I have been a fan for sometime now, and nearly fell over when I came across this lovely little book in which I am currently reading.

"Summer at Tiffany" by Marjorie Hart.

This is a true story about two college debs from Iowa, that travel to New York City to find a summer job. They land a job of a life time, at Tiffany's, a dream job for any girl in the 1940's.
I am just loving it, reading a story of diary entries from Marjorie Hart herself, reliving the summer of her dreams. It was a time when ladies were ladies, when they wore gloves, hats, stockings, and full summer dresses. Men were charming, you were asked to dances, and courting made you blush. Her experiences at Tiffany are adorable, especially when there is a little visit from the amazing "Judy Garland". It's a great, easy read that allows my mind to wonder what life would have been like then. A movie based on it would be the icing on the cake for me!

I must admit....Although I just adore handmade goods, I love my indulgences too.
I own two Tiffany pieces which I just adore. My necklace and my bracelet, which I wear everyday without fail. There is something about Tiffany that makes me smile, I think it's the simplicity of their designs, and as already mentioned, the beautiful aqua that makes my heart sing. The big question for me is what will be Charlotte's first piece?
I've admitted to one of my indulgences, what do love to to indulge in?


skinner studio said...

Looks like a great book - I'll have to add it to my list!

Bel said...

Oh I would love to borrow that once you have finished reading it.

another donkey design by kate said...

Another one to add to the Christmas list! Still waiting for my first special blue box despite my years of none to subtle hints