Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I love pink

I love pink always have.
I tried to fight it when I was growing up, especially in my early teenage years.
It was too pretty to be cool back then, we were discovering black, black and more black.

I still love pink, it makes my heart sing.
As I got older I learnt to appreciate how feminine it is, how it made me feel, and that things always look prettier in pink.

Then Charlotte came into my world, and my love affair was revived.
Pink, pink and more pink.
Is there any other colour for my baby doll?
I can't help it, she wears pink in all shades, from soft pink, to lolly pink, to fuchsia pink, to raspberry pink.

Here are all of my favourite pink items.

Polka dot paper - Hot pink scissors - Fuchsia pink pain - The Passionate Shopper, a favourite book of mine - A pink flower hair clip, always for special occasions - I love pink gingham - Raspberry pink paint swatch card - Charlotte's pink Dunlop Volley sneakers - Pink spotty ribbon - My beloved pantone fan - My itty bitty owl - Charlotte's stripey pink cloth rattle

1 comment:

Janina Lear said...

Loving the pink mood board...well done. I LOVE pink also, I have also tried to fight it but no it just keeps creeping back. My bridesmaids were pink. Can you imagine my delight when I had twin was like all my pink dreams came true.