Monday, September 13, 2010

MMM when it's quiet

Much to my delight Hudson has taken to drawing with crayons.
I have been waiting to watch him draw his scribbles of colour for some time, but until now he doesn't seem to have been very interested. Lately he has been scrawling over his giant size jumbo sketch pad, drawing on old nappy boxes, and has even found enjoyment drawing on peoples faces in the newspaper.

Yesterday again, a request, 'crayons please mummy', so out they came with a brand spanking new piece of paper. Silly me thought he would be fine while I did a couple of mundane chores. I peeped around the corner once or twice, and he hadn't moved from his spot so I carried on. Not more than five minutes later he came to me looking as proud as punch asking "mummy see' with his chubby little hand out to lead me to see his master work.
Instead I was treated to his little plasma screen, all coloured in with a lovely black waxy crayon.

Thrilled? Not.... Again another lesson learnt, never trust quiet with a 2yr old.


Squirt Baby said...

Gulp! And I thought the black biro all over our brand new couches was bad. How have you managed to get the crayon off the TV??

Me 'N My Monkeys said...

wow a master piece and a half lol..
Did you get it off?
i have had my "Little Darlings" draw on walls, clothes, beds, draws, lounges but never the t.v!

toushka said...

have you gotten it off? if not, try bositos eucalyptus spray.

I love how proud he was though. hehehehe

Anonymous said...

oh no......that made my stomach do a flip flop.....Ouch that one must have hurt....eeks. Ours is 2 1/2 and I have had the pleasure of getting ink off my WHITE dining room table. I fell your pain xox

The Clip Cafe said...

OoH Ahh. Did it come off?