Saturday, February 7, 2009

Today at Sisters Market

I have been terribly slack lately, clearly I have not entered anything for a while. I have a million excuse but can't be bothered going there.

I attended Sisters Market today and boy was it a stinker. Thank you for those brave souls who entered the hot weather to come & buy something from me. Luckily it was quite cool in the hall today, so I didn't suffer to bad. However at pack up time, which was an hour earlier than normal, & I was packing my car I thought my face was going to melt away. My gold bracelet that I had on got warm, it's crazy 46' degrees.

I have been creating busily lately, building up stock. Here are a couple photo's of a few new items I have made. This is a great bib especially for those tots 5mths & over, & a fantastic change mat to co-ordinate with it. Both have towelling on the back for great absorption & are super soft. There are 3 colors available at present, below is the black & white spot which is a great unisex item, I have to other colours available, aqua/chocolate & pink/apple green. Head over to my website for more detail.

I have had a great response to them so will be looking to add more colours in the future.
Great news!! I will be at Flemington Market on 22nd Feb. I am so excited as I have been trying to get in there for a while but haven't been luck. Looks like my luck has turned.
Bye for now,
Kylie x

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