Saturday, February 14, 2009

God save those affected by the fires

You have probably read on my profile that I am a Melbourne based girl. I am also located in the northern suburbs & approximately 30mins from Kinglake where the devastating fires have been. Today it is very smokey & not good to breathe, bringing me unable to imagine how hard it would have been for those individuals in the thick of it. Last Sunday I text a friend who lives in Kinglake hoping she was well & missed any unfortunate circumstances. I received a text back telling me how she lost everything, her home, the business she was building with her husband, & her life she was building was completely destroyed. Thank god she is alive, reading her text took my breath away & my heart was heavy for her that night & for the days that followed. I still feel heavy hearted for all those up there. I also have a friend from high school who I last ran in to when I was 26weeks pregnant with Hudson. She is married with 4 kids & lives in Kinglake, I don't even know if she is OK. I think of her daily & have been trying to find out if she is fine. My husband & I donated $150 hoping it will help in someway to rebuild those families lives. Money will never fill the feeling of loss, or the peoples lives who have been taken innocently. I hope all that have spare change have done the same.

On a happier note it's amazing how strangers pull together for those in crisis & make me proud to be Australian

Bye for now Ky x

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