Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Chevron patterns - create your own colours!

Who doesn't love the chevron design? I would have to say it's probably the hottest pattern that has been used for well over 12 months now. I can't see it fading off anytime soon, & I can I put it out there, I think it maybe be here to stay. Could it become a classic? Only time will tell.

I love the chevron design for its interesting yet simplistic structure. There are basic lines, zig zag zig zag, yet not too bold, overpowering, or in your face. No obvious icons? No clashing patterns to make your eyes sting. Personally it's become a strong feature in my illustration work, a great move on from the straight line. As my work has lots of details, full of fun icons, patterns, & whatever else enters my mind (haha), the chevron design has done a fine job sitting in  the back ground. Using it like I used a basic stripe for so long, kinda, bores me now!

Today I haven't created the wheel, design anything that is going to blow your socks off, I have designed a basic chevron personalised cushion & wall art. It was so obvious I never thought of doing it! A friend ask for this cushion, for her girlfriend who just had a baby. She asked for a basic chevron design in 2 colours. Nothing else at all. Grey & yellow. Thats was it. It was for a nursery & the new mamma is keeping it simple.

Thats when I thought thats not the only person who wants something simple, to maybe co-ordinate in a space already swamped with other themes & designs. Or something where a pop of colour is needed, but nothing fancy. Or even for a baby shower where the sex is unknown with a cute slogan, or a question mark.

What's great about this is that YOU get to choose your own colours. All you will need to do is select the colour of the name or word, the colour of zig zag #1 (white) & the colour of zig zag #2 (grey). All of the colours available are in the product listings.

So simple.

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