Thursday, May 8, 2014

How to make a stuffed cushion in 10 steps

Wow I am really excited to start my first tutorial using my own cushion panels. It's been a a bit of a dream I have had to create as many products with my printed panels as I can. I have had this inner creative nudge going on for a while, & I feel it the right time to start!!
Not only will the things you create be personalised & look really fantastic, it will be a HUGE saving, & most importantly fun & rewarding.

So here we go......

Making a stuffed cushion.

1. When you receive your panel it will need to be cut out. You will receive the panel with some excess fabric around it.

2. Select your backing, have a hunt around for scraps, or select something that is really tonal & co-ordinates beautifully. Make sure to cut it out the same size as your panel.

3. Place your panel & backing fabric together, lay down right sides together. You are about to machine it together, so grab your pins & pin each side to hold it stable.

4. You will only be machining around 3 edges, those that are the 2 longest, & only 1 of the shorter ones. I suggest a 1cm seam. 

Tip : At each corner I like to reverse stitch to make them really secure. Turn your cushion cover inside out so it's in the right way.

5. So your panel should be looking like this now. I use a chop stick to gently push those corners out so they are lovely & square. You can use anything similar.

6. At the open edge of your cushion cover, fold it down 1cm all around & press. 
I measure each time & then secure with a pin. Then I use a warm iron press around the pins until the crease has been made, remove the pins & press firmly across.

Tip - It's really important to have the 1cm turn down even all the way around the opening. It's so your cushion looks rectangular when finished with both edges measuring the same. Otherwise it could look wonky.

7. Now the cushion is starting to take shape! 
It's now time to stuff it, I just use toy fill from my local sewing & craft store. 
It's really a personal choice as to how fat or thin you'd like to stuff your cushion. I love mine nice & plump. As you're stuffing it make sure to push the fill into the corners, & to keep the pieces of fill as evenly sized as possible. It will just solve that potential lumpiness. 
Once you are happy with it, push the fill towards the bottom, so your opening is workable & relative flat.

8. Grab hold of your opening & pin the front panel & backing panel together. Make sure to pin them so they are secure.

9. Place your pinned opening just underneath the machine foot. You will need both hands to guide this through. If your stuffing is too close to the edge it can make the machining of this step a little bit of a challenge. I suggest sewing the opening edges 1cm in from edge. 

10. Steadily machine down your opening about 1cm in from edge & reverse stitch for a secure finish. Continue machining down & as you get closer to a pin just remove it. When you reach the end another small reverse stitch again.

You're finished !!

Fluff your cushion up, give it a bit of a shake so the filing can be moved around evenly.

Your cushion can be washed in cold water only. Please be wary of throwing it in the machine on a regular cycle as it could make the fill a bit lumpy & a funny shape. I would use a gently cycle or just hand wash it.

This tutorial can be used for any cushion you're wanting to create. Any cushion shape, same steps!

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Make sure to email me what you have made as I would love to share it on my Facebook page.

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