Monday, June 14, 2010

My First Point & Shoot

OK I have been reading the Fat Mum Slim's blog for a while now & always love to see what she (Chantelle) has photographed. She has a great eye for making something ordinary look beautiful, she always has something great to write.
My closest girlfriend Belinda from Got Something Better To Do participates religiously every week in point & shoot. Belinda as long as I have known her has a great eye & the ability to turn something ordinary into something beautiful or very comical. She is also a hoot to read, always has something fun to say, if you need a laugh or a little bit of honesty head over to her blog.

I have been wanting to play for a while but have stage fright as being great with a camera or the pressure of finding something interesting to shoot is intimidating...Thanks god I have two gorgeous kids to use as subjects!! The time has come to have a go & see where it takes me.
OK............So my very first point & shoot is of Hudson, who at the time was actually pointing & shooting me. Of late he has taken quite an interest in taking photos & I love watching the expression on his precious face everytime he takes a photo of me, as in his eyes I magically I appear in the screen behind the camera. It such a wonderful thing to watch his face light up.


lulufroufrou said...

What a cutie! My daughter loves taking photos too especially when I'm trying to get a decent one for Point and Shoot

Chantelle {fat mum slim} said...

Awww. What a cutie pie!

Thanks for playing along. You should make sure you do it again. x

Bel said...

Aww shucks.

Hope Hudson loves the photos of his fingers.......