Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A new sketch......

It's been a little challenging the last couple of weeks, with a new baby and getting into the desperately sought after routine, all parents crave.
However I have been able to find a half hour here and there to do some much needed sketching of ideas for some new projects on the go. Those middle of the night feeds have catapulted a crazy flood of ideas and inspiration. This is really exiting for me, as I really needed it. It has actually become a fabulously quiet time to just let the mind wander. Even if my eyes are closed.
I have finished a few new drawings to be developed into initial collages, and look forward to showing them to you. Below is a new sketch of a turtle, a girlie turtle that is, and some potential colour ideas. I am still not sure what to do with her shell yet, to be plain would be a little boring.
The other challenge is to now find the right fabric and papers to use to create the first original collage. Well back to it, I hope inspiration is finding you somewhere too.

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Emma said...

I hear you about the 'late night feeding insipration'... my whole journey and idea of starting an online business started when my Teddy was just 4 weeks old (lots and lots of late night inspiration).

Your inspiration is looking very beautiful already :)