Monday, December 1, 2008

Summer Time

I can't believe it's summer already, it just doesn't feel like it yet. It's just not hot enough yet. However it seems so far to be a beautiful day outside, & I can hear the birds chirping in my back yard, the sun is shining which always puts a smile on my face. The again anything can change in Melbourne.
I participated in the Sister's Market on Saturday which was great as usual. I actually had a great day in regards to sales. I have been told by many other super craftsters that it takes time for your brand to start selling, build up exposure and gain recognition. It's taken me 5 events now to receive the sales I did on Saturday, it was fantastic. I have put together 4 original Christmas designs for this festive time of year, designing the prints myself. I love drawing, gathering my ideas, sitting on Illustrator drawing, redrawing, getting inspired, changing my mind half way through, it can become a real process for me. But always comes out great in the end. It's a messy creative process I have I think. Does anybody else have that dilemma? Here are a couple of photo's of them, and you can also find out more about them under my Christmas tab in my website.

I was running 2 markets on Saturday, my babies wear & also the ladies clothing brand "House of MayBel" that I own with my friend & business partner Belinda. The clothing line is Australian made & is entirely made of knits, so everything is stretch & comfy. It has become both Belinda's & my best friends before & during both of our pregnancies. Check it out as we are clearing a lot of old stock for fantastic prices.
My precious Hudson now has two teeth & has now really discovered his food. The teeth are his bottom middle ones. I am not sure of the correct name. Anyway they are super cute, & actually really hurt if your hand, finger, or any other body part get in the way, those baby chompers have some power in them. Yep he leaves nice teeth marks. Lucky it is only occasionally this happens. It's taken a while but he is right into his food now. At first he gagged on everything, but now mouth is open always waiting for the next spoon full. However no one told me what a messy experience this can be. Lastly Hudson's newest form of communication is blowing raspberries. It's so cute, he does it over and over. He is clearly loving the vibrating sensation from his lips. The only time this adorable little action isn't funny is at breakfast & dinner time. I don't really enjoy having pumpkin sprayed on me. I just can't help it I have posted another photo of him, & a current one of the 2 of us.

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