Monday, October 27, 2008

The Beginning!!

Hi everyone out there. Today is an exciting day, I have just joined the world of blogging. I am very excited and looking forward to the new world I have to discover.
Here is a photo of my beautiful boy, my husband Daniel, & me (Kylie). The other shot is Hudson in one of the outfits that I produce.
It's hard to pin point exactly what I will be discussing daily, but it will be a great opportunity to discuss hand made products, anything beautiful & inspiring, my life, babies, business and the challenges those last two topics entail.
Life has changed dramatically for me since having Hudson in my world. I have left the fashion industry which included lots of clothes, design, art, and travelling the world, and a very carefree life style. All of that was fantastic but nothing compares to the life I lead today. I have chosen to be a full time mum & not return to the daily grind, but instead venture out on my own with my babies line of clothing I thought this was going to be easy....Boy was I wrong. Although I am not constricted to any time frames, my daily activities revolve around my sons routine of eat, sleep, and play. It's so great yet so frustrating as I just never seem to have enough hours in the day to solidly pursue my business without interruption. I had great time management before hand & could easily complete a hundred things in one business day...Not now.

So this is where my blogging career begins....Discussions on the most wonderful & rewarding job of being mum....The frustrations of combining baby & business ambitions.....The desperation to achieve successful time management....The complete enjoyment of creative freedom....Trying to do everything....Wanting a fantastic lifestyle....Wondering if I will ever travel again.....

Tomorrow I will be at the Alphington Grammar "Spring Bling". The day is a collaboration of women who run business & have the opportunity to set their products up in a market style environment for people to buy. I will be there with my products as well as a ladies wear line of clothing that I have also produced call House of MayBel, check it out
It will be a great social day, & lots of home made cake to eat MMMMMMM.

It's also a free baby day for me, Hudson will be with my mum, which is a great relief. I have done markets with him, & all I can say is "it's all too hard".

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