Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Sewing & printing like a machine....

I have been absent for a few days (sad face). I have been working so damn hard on my blog, & focussing on the consistency of writing. I really enjoy it, & it's been a goal to improve it. Like any task in life, if you want to improve that muscle, then use it. Same goes for writing.

As you know I work from home around the kids. That act of juggling is a job within itself. My hours are not regular, & I work in chunks of time, an hour or two here & there, & most of the time at night. The last month my routine has literally been thrashed around left right & centre. It's been a real challenge I am not going to lie. I never sugar coat my life, it is what its is, & I am sure, actually positive it's similar to other mums who work from home.

About 2 years ago I sub contracted my sewing out to another wonderful mum, who also works from home. She is the back bone of my business when it comes to getting it all together for me. She is the angel that comes every Wednesday to drop off & collect. We have become quite the team & have worked together on several different projects o keep generating income for the both of us.

Well my back bone has gone to Canada for a month to visit her family. When she goes there is no good time, some times are worse than others, like Christmas trading, a big no way! In her absence I have been left with all of the sewing. Now she subcontracts to me because I don't have time to do it, I just have my hand in to many pies so to speak. So you can probably imagine how swamped I have felt these last 3 weeks. I have literally printed, prepped & sewn non stop. I have become this well oiled machine that just keeps going. Sounds great, but very little creativity, writing & web work has been happening.

As hard as it's been I just keep thinking of every positive I can. Another thing I have been focusing on lately, when things aren't going your way, look on the bright side! I can definitely say thank goodness I can sew, & sew well for that matter. I would have no idea how I would have coped, or how any customer would have receive an order if I didn't. It's a lovely wake up, & great to remember to where everything I have learnt began. At one stage of my life all I did was sew, making my clothes was heavenly!

I basically wanted to let you know I am here, just running a little behind.
I hope your day, week & month has been a lot more smooth sailing for you xx

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