Thursday, November 25, 2010

New Stockist - Chocolate Freckles

I just wanted to quickly mention a new stockist who is taking on my cushions.

Julia runs the gorgeous "Chocolate Freckles" boutique and has some other beautiful items.

You can Find Chocolate Freckles at;

194 Buckley Street Essendon VIC 3040

Our opening hours are:
Monday 10am-3pm

Tuesday-Friday 10am - 5pm

Saturday 10am-3pm

I will delivering my bundle of freshly made cushions for her tomorrow morning. Please go down and have a look, you will love it. I am in love with the coloured chandeliers she has hanging from the roof, I they would be perfect in Charlotte's room.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Busy Busy

It's certainly not like me to let blogging go like I have, it's been about 10 days.
Everyday I think about my little blog, but just couldn't get their to give it some attention.
Generally I ALWAYS make time as it's something I really enjoy doing. My reason for being so distant is a really good one, honestly. I have thrown my heart and soul this year into the Christmas retail season. I have one market booked each week between now and Christmas. I haven't been running my business long enough to have had this experience, and its been great.

Since my last blog entry I have been busily making cushions, cushions, cushions, oh, and Christmas Stockings. Not just for my online orders, but for the two markets I had last weekend. Modish Market and Mathilda's Market. The result, a great one, I had made more sales in a weekend than I have ever done. Remember I have no record so I have nothing to compare to, so this result has been thrilling.
Below my first lot of Christmas Stockings read to leave, all personalised with a special name.
You will notice a reindeer in there, a new addition to my shop.

Lots more cushions also ready to go.
My newest design "Sweet Dreams", another design being added to the collection.

I feel so much better after posting something today. It may be short, but it's really important to me. I just now have to find an hour to sit and read my favourite blogs to see what has been happening in their worlds.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Some Product Shots

I knew it was time to step my photo's up a notch & I needed the call in a professional.
I am very very excited.
I just received today some product photo's from the amazing Simone Markham.
I am not going to talk much about them as I am smiling from ear to ear,
and I just can't muster the words to say how I am feeling, I think they speak for themself.
I think having my kids do the shots was a big help, cheap to, hahaha.
My goal is to have them on display this Saturday at Modish Market,
and on Sunday at Mathildas Market.

I blogged about Simone and her amazing work, you can about here.

Monday, November 15, 2010


Have you subscribed to my newsletter?

I have just sent out the most recent one this morning, and have a couple of VIP Christmas specials. With every order you receive a little gift from me, to say thank you.

It's easy to subscribe just look at the top right corner of my blog page and fill in your details. Just remember though, when you receive an email asking you to confirm you subscription, please click on the link otherwise it won't go through.

Thanks, Kylie xx

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Tomorrow I will be at Fairy Floss Market...

Tomorrow I will be at Fairy Floss Market in Williamstown.
From the success of the first two, I will be really looking forward to the experience myself.
Details as follows,
Williamstown North PS
133 Melbourne Road

I hope to see you there :)

Friday, November 12, 2010

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Limted edition - Christmas Stockings

I have been designing somethig for the festive season, and so excited here it is.
Introducing the limited edition, original and decorative Christmas stocking.
The Christmas stocking is an original design from Tiges and Weince, and printed on my own exclusive fabric.
A perfect addition to the mantel piece, along the lower branches of the Christmas tree, hanging on the bedroom door, it's completely up to you. Also a great Kris Kringle idea.

Postage is FREE to all Australian customers.

The stocking can also be personalised with the name of your choice for absolutely
You can refer to both listings for an example of a personalised stocking.
The first is a beautiful Christmas Tree design, with all of the pretty pink trimmings to make you smile this festive season. Lovely pink combinations and highlights of lime, perfect for the girls.
The 2nd is a beautiful Christmas design with a fun version of Santa.
He is short squatty and cute. Great design for boys.

A petite size of 28cm (11inch) high from top to toe, and 19cm wide (7 1/2inch). Perfect for small lightweight gifts.

The stocking is made from 100% cotton, and has a spotty ribbon to use for hanging.
Last day for Australian customer orders is 17th December to guarantee delivery.
International customers please contact me for delivery lead times.

Bye Bye Dummy

I may or may not shock some mums here with my opinion of the
Now please, I have no objections with other children with dummies.
When I see other kids with them I don't even think twice, it's not my business.
I think as a baby they're fine and serve their purpose, soothing and very comforting.
Charlotte uses one for sleeping only, even then she is not a fan of it and constantly spits it out. Hudson has had a completely different love affair with his.
So about the dummy, what can I say I can't stand them, and here are my personal reasons.
#1 He is 2.5yrs wants to suck on it all day. Although lately he had it only for sleeping he would whinge about it constantly.
#2 I think he looks too big for it.
#3 I cant stand the drool on his chin from it.
#3 He drops it, he cries as it's dirty, I am over cleaning it.
#4 I am so over replacing it, when he loses it.
#5 He tries to talk to me and I cant understand a damn word he says, which is hard
as his words are still very new and are developing.
#6 He was developing a funny rash around his mouth, which we new was because of lack of fresh air.
He loves it so much we had to take a photo of it at my mum's 60th.

Anyway now that I have had my whinge, I am happy to announce,
My parents baby sat him last Saturday night. When I got home & kissed him goodnight I asked them where it was. Immediately mum said, "oops sorry I forgot to give it to him".
So I took the opportunity of not putting it on his pillow, knowing potentially he would wake crying and looking for it.
Well he woke the next morning not asking for it, and that night asked for it once.
We used the art of distraction, made a big deal of reading a new book of his and he forgot all about it. We have taken the same approach each night, and last night there wasn't a mention of it.
Does this mean it's gone forever?
I have been advised it could all come back to him and he may remember.
Fingers crossed xx

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

New Stockist - Chalk

Today I delivered my first order to,

Chalk is a bright and unique concept store devoted to providing quality products designed specifically for kids. There is ample parking outside and plenty of pram space inside, which is such a HUGE plus, they can be found in the heart of Yarraville Village, just a few doors down from the station. The train is also a bonus, as what kid doesn't love it when the CHOO CHOO is passing.

If you haven't been to Chalk it's a store you must go and visit. Before supplying Jenny my cushions I have bought from there a couple of times in the past, a tee shirt here, and a very cool dinosaur bag for Hudson. It's also a favourite store of my very good friend Belinda, and if you're lucky you may get to say hello to Lou from the super talented Totally Innocent, as she works casually at the Kensington store.

There are now 2 Chalk stores open the first being...

Yarraville - 83 Anderson St and Kensington - 3 Gower St

Monday, November 8, 2010

A new cushions for the girls

OK, so I am a little biased of my own product, but shouldn't we all be to a degree?
Otherwise what the hell are we doing?
I recently finished these 2 new cushions for the girls and I am really happy with them.

Girly Bird

I am making a new girls personalised cushion, and hopefully will have it ready today?
Maybe tonight? Either way it's coming.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

My Messy Routine

One of the biggest things in life I would just LOVE to achieve is being super dooper organised, and meticulously tidy.
I just can't escape it, my routine is

I do try very hard...
It's not through lack of effort...
Or not having the will to do so...
Does it have anything to do with having 2 kids under 3??
Should I stop using them as an excuse?
Who knows, maybe it's just time to accept it's just me.
The funny thing is, although I have a very messy and unstructured routine,
I still manage to somehow get it all done.
I email with the baby on my knee,
I sketch on the floor during outside play time,
I utilise the jolly jumper so I can cook in peace,
I try to wash fold and organise all at once when it's nap time ,
I post on facebook and check my online stores inbetween everything else,
I blog when it fits in,
and it just goes on and on.
The bulk of my online existence is at night.
They say "give something to a busy person and you will get it done".
My dad has always said that about me, maybe there is some truth involved.
Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't have it any other way, I love to be busy and struggle with sitting still. Hubby always says, "Just relax it's like you have ants in your pants!!"
I just wish that everything in my life wasn't such a rush like I'm in a whirlwind.
Maybe I reading to many magazines on super women with there several children, perfect houses, and successful businesses. Is is all a facade? MMMM I sometimes wonder.
A final thought......
How lucky are women today to have the opportunities to have it all.
The world is our oyster ladies, lets go for it!!!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Cushions for Boys

I have some new cushion designs dedicated to the boys.
Some are personalised and some aren't.

Personalised Circus


If you like a design that I have created and would love it personalised, that is now available here.
These are great Christmas gifts, and super light if you have to post it somewhere.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Making a Flashing Web Button

I have known about this little web accessory for sometime now, but I also remember thinking
I also know what it's like to not want to ask a question, just incase you feel like the only person on the planet who doesn't know the obvious answer.
I wanted to very quickly let everyone know how to make a flashing web button.
I am not actual aware of the 'technical' web term for these and would love somebody to let me know.
There is a website called gifninja and the best part it's free and so easy to use.

I am going to guide you through it step by step, and have added hot pink arrows.

#1 - Log onto the site and click on create an animated gif

Select your photos you would like to use at the browse tabs.
It's just like loading images onto blogger.
Once selected you have the choice to make your gif flash fast or slower, you can do this just above the dog. Once that's done hit make my gif!

Here you will get a sneak peak as to how your gif will look. To the right you
have the chance to make any changes. Once happy hit Yes - it's fantastic.

Here all you have to do is call you gif file something.
You can chose whether or not you want your gif to be made public.
I usually say no.
Hit save gif.

Again hit save my gif. Then save it to you computer where you wish.
Once here it gets a bit tricky as there is some coding you have to delete.

If you don't erase some of this coding, you will have some big type appearing below your flashing button saying GIFNINJA, which I am sure you don't want to have.
Your code will appear in the top box like this.
(remember everyones code will differ slightly)
You need to delete all text from the word center to center, be sure to include the
brackets before the first center and the after the last center.

Your text should look like this, compare the two to see.

After that is done all you have to do is copy & past the script to it's desired location.
If you want to use it in blogger, go to you design function, and select the option call html/java script. Paste the code in there and save.

Voila .... done.